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"A truly inspired journey that starts with the deepest kind of heartbreak and ends with the highest form of love beyond limits and healing beyond hopelessness. Charla Miller’s book offers example of the exquisite power of intention, solid resolve, and practice. Her willingness to share her very intimate journey gifts us all with evidence of the value of each and every part of our own lives coupled with a beautiful affirmation of humanity’s ability to repair and triumph. A warm and thoughtful page- turner, relevant for everyone living, Charla’s book gives us illustration of what it is like to hurt, to lose and yet to rise up and to live a powerful vision of love, conscious choice, and hope."
Valerie Valentine, MA, ATR, LPCC, LPAT, CSAT, Art Therapist, Santa Fe, NM

"Charla Miller’s captivating story is a testament to the healing power of love, truth and beauty in every woman’s search for connection, meaning and wholeness. This beautifully written book, full of heartfelt wisdom and hard won insights, will inspire and support you in never giving up on yourself and your dreams. It is truly a celebration of the resilience of the human spirit."
Pasha Hogan, author of Third Time Lucky: A Creative Recovery

"The story you are about to read will inspire you, and help you realize how precious life is and what God has offered you. Find out how the author’s fight for survival was made possible by the therapeutic introduction to the equine world. Working with, riding and taking care of horses requires the same acceptance you must have in yourself. Horses, she found, can turn trust and love into acceptance of a human’s direction. The author has done this through all the pain and heartache one should not have to endure. Congratulations Charla; the road you traveled was not easy. Through your work with the horses, and their acceptance, you discovered the beautiful person I always saw. Thank you for sharing your experience."
Elaine Herrlich, equestrian, ret. esthetician, CMT.

"Charla brings a very important subject to the table: Presence. When you meet someone who is in touch with her own Presence, it is deeply felt and touches the core of your Being—your own Presence. As Charla points out in her book, most talk therapies don’t have the same transforming and healing impact as horse therapy. Animals are in touch with their Presence and horses have a special ability to help transmit that to their ‘clients.’
As a Hakomi Therapist, I know how important Presence is for true healing to take place, which is why Charla’s insights resonate deeply with me. As a result of her own healing through the Presence of horses, Charla’s Presence has become a tangible and healing influence for others."

Pernilla Lillarose, Self-Love Mystic & Mentor, author of Imagine Being Kind to Yourself.


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